Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The simplest nature walk ever.

Give each child an empty egg carton.

Ask them to fill each cup with something God made that they found in the back yard.

Erin's interpretation:
lavender, autumn leaves, seeds, bulbs, grass, pebbles, clover, lawn dasies etc.

Billy's interpretation:
Dirt. In every single cup.

The Lord God Made It All!!!!

(I'm claiming this one as a little victory as I actually got organised enough to do this!)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely simple thing to do, and what a delightful interpretation from Billy and Erin - very different ways of looking at things.

Momma Bug said...

I love it!
Well done:-P

alecat said...

Fabulous idea!!
Maybe they can make little collage pictures with their findings too?

Jess said...

Oh, and Billy also tried to put Christopher in a cup....hilarious!

We often sketch or collage, but didn't that day because it was just too nicer day to go inside until we absolutely HAD to!