Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Do you know what happens when a woman who is 37 weeks pregnant goes into town for a check up? She and her husband find a million and one "I'll just..." jobs to do in the heat and the Christmas crowds. Do you know what happens when she decides to wait in the car as the hardware shop because her back is killing her and her ankles have swollen to the size of watermelons? The oldest will decide she DESPERATELY needs the loo. Do you know what happens then? The woman with the sore back, legs, EVERYTHING hauls herself and the children out of the car and LOCKS THE KEYS IN THE CAR. The children enjoyed a nutritious tea of KFC at about 9, or was it 10pm? Ahhh well, at least it was a hardware shop I locked the keys in the car in front of, it made it much easier to break in when we could just nip in and purchase the needed hardware to do it!

considers herself a super hero because it was SHE who was passed through the window to unlock the car. We went to a community Christmas Celebration on Sunday and she has her face painted like a sun, jumped on the jumping castle and had a fantastic time.

enjoyed an afternoon with Daddy on his own today while the other two came with me to the birth centre and hospital. I am told he was very good and he loved every minute! He got painted up as a tiger on Sunday and joined in the games with complete strangers! We almost needed a crow bar to pry him away from the jumping castle.

coped exceptionally well with being stuck in a pram most of the day today and smiled charmingly at everyone he met. He has taken two or three individual steps, we may have a sprinter by New Years.

New Bub:
will be born at the Birth Centre according to all forecasts. I don't even need an iron infusion! I had a lovely OB at the hospital check things out and add his expert opinion. He looked about 70 years old and was as sharp as a tack. His expert opinion was everything will be fine if I stick with the Iron supplements. He gave a few other suggestions and recommended a couple of tests (I had major protein in my urine, but this is not unusual for me) but was altogether positive and confident. When you get such a positive review from a fellow who may well have delivered babies who are now grandparents, it gives you a boost! So all systems are go.

there is a slice of paradise in my bathroom and it is called a SHOWER! It is fully functioning and it is the most wonderful sensory experience there is! All the more special because Beloved built it. It is still a bit difficult to adjust the temperature, but that is because of the hot water system. It looks like something out of a show room with black marbled tiles, white base, chrome coloured tap ware and glass screens. We have also started re-arranging the lounge room and the visual relief is fantastic. Sarah-the-saint cleaned the oven this week in preparation for the Christmas turkey. She earned her money this week!

The Garden:
has produced a strawberry. It was carefully picked and kept in the fridge to show Daddy. Then it was carefully cut into thirds to be shared between Erin, Billy and Daddy. Never has a strawberry been more thoroughly enjoyed!

I have actually got on the bike a few times in the past week! I have gone for walks too. I feel much better for it of course. I am also brown as a berry because of the sun outside.


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