Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I am dealing with the guilt of hiring a cleaner. There is a part of me that berates myself for not doing it all. There is another part of me that berates myself for spending the money, when the money could go to a million and one other things. There is another part of me that is anxious that I am sending a negative message to my children about work ethic and money management (surely if I have time to Blog, I have time to clean!!). The biggest part of me? Is SOOOOOO happy that I have a cleaner that I want to do a little happy dance of joy right here on my kitchen table. Work that often takes me the better part of a week to get done because of children and large belly, took her two hours. The house still isn't spotless, but it is a WHOLE lot better!

Got to go on a special drive with Daddy on the weekend to buy pizza toppings and DVD's (we had a pizza and movies night!) and LOVED it. She thrives so much on individual attention.

is thoroughly miserable with his cold and cough. He is fragile and bursts into tears and whining at the drop of a hat. He still gives the best cuddles though and when he is sick, he actually sits still long enough every now and then!

has a much milder dose of Billy's cold, so he is leaving a slime trail, but over all he is not too bad. He is trying to share his apple with me at the moment from the highchair beside me, but I'm not that interested.

New Baby:
is quieter as there is less and less room in there. Back pain threatened yesterday but I managed to fend it off with a good lie down. I still have so much I want to do before the baby arrives I can't believe it is only a few weeks away!

looks a whole lot better after the attentions of Sarah -the-saint (my cleaner). I also went insane last week and completely cleaned out and rearranged the bedroom. I think I broke the wardrobe and I gouged the floor and wall in two places, but it looks a whole lot better. Now if I can just get that set of shelves out of the workshop for the linen and re-organise that front hallway.... Jon is making more and more progress with the shower. He had to re-hang the bathroom door yesterday so that it wouldn't crash into the shower door if it was opened when the shower was open (does that make sense? It does in my head) so my bathroom door has a functioning latch now which means I can keep Christopher OUT of the bathroom! Yay!

The Garden:
is starting to get weeded again VERY SLOWLY. I found some flowering chives.

I have now unearthed the exercise bike, I just have to use it!


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