Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Where has the year gone? I can't believe it is December already!

is all into academics at the moment. She spends hours reading and writing and the practise is really paying off. I am glad I restrict us to short, 15 minute lessons. It has meant that she leaves every session wanting more therefore she spends much of her own time doing her own practise.

may be coming to the end of having naps. If he has a long day nap, he tends to find it difficult to get to sleep that night. For now, I am just trying to keep his nap time short (about an hour and a half). I would prefer to keep his nap time going until well after the baby is born and he does tend to get overtired if he goes more than a day or two without one.

is sleeping through reliably at the moment for which I am very, very thankful. One major key to this is keeping his days regular. Too many disrupted days usually makes for disrupted nights. He is using pointing to communicate a fair bit lately. I should take this opportunity to teach him sign language!

The New Baby:
There is a definite twinge in my lower back at the moment. I should call the osteopath again but my reluctance to part with the money has prevented me thus far. I will have to do it though. Movements aren't quite as leaping about at the moment as there is less room to move in there now. I do have trouble breathing sometimes though as bub presses up on my diaphragm.

The Home:
I did it. I cracked. I've hired a cleaner. I put a notice up at the post office and a lady who I know responded. She gets on famously with the kids and is a really practical, down-to-earth sort. There is a part of me which rails against this eventuality. A little voice shouts gruffly in my ear "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps girl! You are home ALL DAY! You ONLY have three kids all of whom are perfectly healthy individuals with no special needs. If you got up earlier, stuck to your routines, cut out rest times, went to bed earlier at night and just DID it you wouldn't need a cleaner!! That money could go toward (insert worthy cause here) or improving the comfort and lifestyle of your family" But the reality of it? The house is not clean and tidy and the ironing is piled up on the ironing board and my back is starting to twinge again and I just feel exhausted and helpless thinking about it. The family is suffering, Jon had to iron his own shirt twice in the last fortnight and Erin hasn't been able to invite friends home to play because I am too embarrassed by the boxes STILL around the house and the state of the living room rug. So next Monday Sarah will be coming to visit us and the guilt I feel is far outweighed by the relief.

The Garden:
strawberry plants abound among the weeds, Peonies bring the scent of summer indoors. Poppies and Johnny-jump-ups continue to be a joyful serendipity around the yard.

gentle walking is about it for me at the moment. The swimming pool should open soon so I really need to get myself some bathers (although I may be mistaken for a beached whale!


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