Thursday, December 18, 2008

Prayer request: Iron levels

This one's for me. At the start of my pregnancy when I had my bloods checked (OK, it was the middle of the pregnancy by the time I had it done) my iron store levels were low. I figured this was because of some major nose bleeds I'd been having. So I took some Iron supplement for a while, my energy levels picked up and I figured "she'll be right mate" (roughly translated to hakuna mattata or don't worry be happy for my international readers) and stopped taking the Iron supplement because, well, have you seen what things like that COST!!

My midwife suggested that I get my iron levels checked again. I thought it was a bit of a waste of time because I feel FINE, better than fine, I am NESTING. But at her insistence I got it done, three weeks later (the boys had colds and I am BUSY and I feel FINE I tells ya). The results came back and, well, not good people. My Iron levels are very very very very very low, as opposed to the just very low they were. In fact, due to the fact that my other babies have been accompanied by very significant 'bleeds' (I looked at the bath after having Billy and said "Gee, it looks like the set of Jaws in here!"), this may mean either an iron transfusion or birthing at the hospital rather than my nice cosy little birth centre. Possibly both.

I feel a bit silly about it because if I had kept up with the Iron supplements, gotten my bloods done at the START of my pregnancy so it was caught early or even gone and got my levels tested three weeks earlier it would be much less of an issue. Ooops! Anyway, I am now taking a supplement and my lovely Christian midwife is getting back to be with options! Prayers would be appreciated!


Mother Hen said...

Well, don't kick yourself too hard, Jess. Live and learn. And we will pray.

TasJess said...

Thanks :)