Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It was one of those moments you want to grab and keep forever. Nothing terrably outstanding happening, we were just sitting eating lunch. But I looked at each of my children in turn trying to soak in every detail of them. I was looking at Billy with his blond hair standing on end, the dark lashes and blue t-shirt making his eyes look like bottomless pools of twinkling mischief. I said to him "Do you KNOW that I love you?" He rubbed a crumby, jammy hand through his blond spikes and grinned at me before declairing

"I'm pretty cute too!!"

And modest.....

The same little boy a few weeks ago was wearing his favourite t-shirt, the red one with the crocodile whose mouth is a flap of material you can open and close. He came to me looking suspiciously damp.

"Have you got wet pants Billy?"
"Are you sure? Come here and let me check. Your pants ARE wet Billy"
"No they aren't"
"Um excuse me, don't argue with your mother. You have done wee in your pants"
"No, the crocodile did it."

How do you answer that?

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