Thursday, April 03, 2008


Well life as always is going at a hectic rate! I am busily preparing for Christopher's dedication and the housefull of visitors that brings with it while trying to conquer Mount Washmore (3 days of rain after me not being quite on top of it for a while = no clothes!) and cook for the lunch we will have here on Saturday.

Big news?
we are all relatively healthy for the first time in three months but Christopher has started demanding to be fed through the night again so I have started him on solids. He is crawling backwards very well but shows no sign of first gear yet. The older two are lovely as always! There is a computer in bits in front of my computer atm so I will do a proper entry after the dedication is finished with and Jon has cleared a space for me! 50 computers in the house and the only one I want I can't get to!!


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