Monday, April 21, 2008

Well, our big news. No we are not pregnant (that I know of) in spite of my use of the word 'expecting' last Friday - some people got a little excited!

Our big news is - we are buying a house!! Just waiting on finance now, please pray for us that our paths and choices be directed by the Lord! It needs a fair bit of work but finally we will be able to set down some roots in a community without fearing that a landlord will sell and move us on (has happened three times in the last three years). I must admit I do feel a little trepidation at the idea of moving again (I LOATHE packing and moving with the fire of a thousand suns!) but the idea of having our own home is so appealing to me.

is becoming so baby mad it is a little unsettling! Every time she sees a picture of a baby or a baby on TV she has to comment on it and ask me when we are having another and if it will be a girl. I think she really wants to even up the numbers! We had a relaxing Sabbath at home on Saturday and she really enjoyed all of us spending time together as a family. She's a real Daddy's girl at times! She impressed the community health nurse greatly when she knew all her letters for the vision test and 'helped' check Christopher over (Erin passed her various equipment from the ever-present toy doctor's kit - if that kid doesn't do something medical I will eat my hat!!)

is thrilled with the fact that we have about half a dozen sheep in the paddock. He was quite funny telling Christopher (who was a little upset and yelling) "Shhhh! Quiet! Horses sleeping, sheep in bed!" LOL His speech is just amazing now, it is as if one morning he woke up and thought "Hey, I'll use grammar now! Whole sentences here I come!" He is also flirting very heavily with the idea of toilet training. I am not that keen on it to tell the truth because it will be difficult to maintain during a move (L plate toilet users can't just 'hold' for ten minutes until you get home!) so we will see how he goes.

is over 10 kg, wolfing down any food that comes his way (carrot makes him uncomfortable and 'farty' and too much banana makes his skin break out) and he's contemplating teeth (usually between 2 and 6 am the poor love!). He is still moving backwards but can roll over and over sideways as well and spin on the spot. It is just forwards that he has to master! He is just the sweetest baby on earth and I want to milk each moment of this precious early time in his life.

The house:
First comes the crisis, special event or series of crises and special events, that tear you out of routine and set you in survival mode. Then comes the denial "oh it's just a bit messy, I'll get on top of it soon. After all spending time with the kids is more important! What does it matter if the kitchen floor is adhesive?". Then comes the depression and bleakness. Then comes the shame and guilt "if I was more organised.....I am just too lazy.....I need to prioritise better.......why can't I fix this? I am an intelligent woman??? Aren't I??????????" Then comes the avoidance through seeking other projects, spending more time online, reading more books, going outside more etc. Then comes the surrender "OK, I am in crisis. I can't fix this on my own. I am embarrassed to have people in the house. I feel guilty most of the time. Lord, I need your strength.". Then we crisis clean, grab the home management book and climb out of the abyss, step by step, prioritising each day according to the Lord. I am part way through the last one!

still doing it, only just making the goal this week. I feel SUCH a difference though, it is amazing. Should have done this years ago.

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