Monday, March 31, 2008

Still hanging in there.

Well, I am glad I made the goal to exercise four times a week rather than every day! I started out great guns this week and was really enjoying it. Then I was unwell and seemed to hit a wall for a few days. I had a big energy drain and the focus fell to getting the bare minimum done! But I still managed to loose a bit more weight and I am looking forward to getting back into it tomorrow.

I had wonderful plans of getting back on top of things completely yesterday. I was going to do a full Crisis Clean and get the washing moving through while also doing some tidying up in the garden as we will have a house full next weekend for Christopher's dedication. Well, we got started slow and I was about to make breakfast when a little voice inside me said "go on, make a proper Sunday Brunch like you used to. Jon has been hinting for nearly a month that he'd like it. Go on, do it!" After arguing with said voice for a while I lost the argument and made Brunch while the kids looked at things on the computer with Jon. After we ate Jon wanted to show me something on the computer which ended up with us putting everyone in the car and going for a drive. As I was beating myself up that night about not getting in and cleaning up etc. Jon said to me "I know today wasn't really that productive, but I really needed it! Thanks honey!"

It made me kinda glad I lost the argument with that little voice!

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