Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fair Play

Erin: We should call our next boy baby Christopher.

Me: But we already have a Christopher, wouldn't it get confusing? I'd give you something to give to Christopher for me and you might give it to the wrong one!

Erin: Well, I'd just get another thing and give it to the other Christopher and then they'd BOTH have something and no one would be left out! Our Christopher's growing up big now, we need another baby Christopher in the house.

.........I guess it is only fair to make sure everyone gets something! And I am glad I am not the only one in the house missing having a little baby around. :)

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Sombra said...

That's so cute, seeing as I got pregnant in October and I'm 27 weeks pregnant, my baby isn't even here yet, and you've already decided your baby is grown up (wink) and need a new one.

Praise God for a little girl with a heart for many arrows in her quiver!

Sombra in Saskatchewan Canada...