Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Well, it's been a crazy couple of days but we seem to be settling back into routine now. We had Mum here for a few days which as been a life saver for me. All my laundry is done! I had been slowly clawing my way on top of it again but it was two loads forward and one load backwards! My lovely Mum did LOTS of washing, folding and even ironing while she was here. The only thing I was worried about was her exhausting herself doing it all! We had Christopher's dedication on Saturday and my wonderful in-laws were here too. Kester had cooked so much that we are still eating left overs! We had an open house pot-luck after church and there was so much chipping in that I think I spent most of the time just directing people rather than actually doing anything! I didn't even have to do much of that seeing as Jon went into "chef mode" and managed things beautifully. I am very blessed that this all happened because I have hit a wall physically. I have decided that along with exercising and cleaning up my diet, I need to get to bed earlier. I have been saying this for months but it has gotten to the stage that I have to DO it or I will end up getting ill.

thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and got COMPLETELY spoilt by doting friends and relatives (one day she will have to learn that not EVERYONE who sets foot in the house has a present for her!). She was left totally exhausted by Monday and we are taking it very easy at the moment. She said something very sweet and lovely earlier today and I remember thinking "I must blog that" but do you think I can remember what it is??!!

has developed his fastidious nature to the point where he makes his preference that the blankets are put in a certain way and the curtains closed completely etc. very clear. So far he is doing this quite politely and sweetly so he's getting his own way! His rock collection is also expanding. He loves the rocks, he carries one around almost constantly, washes them, talks to them...it's quite cute!

is having solids two or three times a day, moving even more (although still backwards) and has had another growth spurt I'm sure! He has also discovered gargling which keeps him amused for hours! He is also sleeping a lot better.

The house:
has almost clawed its way out of the abys in spite of the fact that I have fallen asleep every time I have sat down today.

The garden:
is slowly getting cleaned up but is in major need of another big day of me just getting in and doing it. Next weekend at home!!


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