Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Bridge

I was distressed and confused last week for certain reasons that seem strangely trivial now. I prayed and read my Bible a lot. A phrase kept popping into my mind "troubled waters". I did a scripture search on these words and I found the text Isaiah 57:16-21 which, in the King James Version, refer to the wicked as a "troubled sea". A beautiful word picture is painted of a God who goes in pursuit of the rebellious (me!) to give healing, guidance and restoration.

I also Googled the words "Troubled Water". I found the lyrics to an old song named "Bridge Over Troubled Water". The song itself is almost cliche after getting FAR too much air play and played over schmaltzy movie scenes, but I read, really read, the lyrics. It was almost like God was singing me a love song.

HE is my bridge over troubled water, He has laid Himself down, He has given me rest

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