Friday, February 03, 2012

Where things lie..

So it is presently looking like our biggest issue is, wait for it, SNOT.

When we got in last night a clot in the shunt (the most concerning scenario) was ruled out by various tests.  I have a feeling that if I had been listened to when I told everyone that it was OK if her sats went up to 100 and Kaylee's suctioning needs had been attended to a little bit more diligently when I asked in Launceston and perhaps we had tried a few snot busting tricks that we are going to try now THERE, we would still be in Tassie.  But unfortunately we could not get intensive nursing over in Launceston due to low staffing levels *cough cough* and people not always doing what I tell them when I tell them *cough cough*.

But to be honest, I was ready to be here where the more intensive nursing is available and I can rest and I have been very concerned about Kaylee's general health for a while.  It is very hard to distinguish between reflux symptoms and cardiac symptoms and I'm-holding-my-breath-because-I-hate-what-just-happened symptoms and add in a slight cold - I am happy to have monitors to give me a little more insight.  She may well be outgrowing her shunt and her full repair was imminent anyway.

So where do we go from here?  Possibly home to Tassie to get well then come back for surgery.  Possibly stay here and get well for surgery.  Right now, I really don't know.

Hopefully tomorrow after rounds I will know more.

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kate said...

I see you are getting plenty of practice at this whole "one step at a time" scenario. I'm praying that you have a chance for a couple of deep breaths before the next round.