Thursday, February 02, 2012

Coming to you live from RCH

Kaylee decided that she wanted to further check out this fabulous place of 2 story aquariums and fabulous, new shiny rooms.

On Wednesday she had a big chuck and stopped breathing for long enough to cause me to say "Um, let's go to the hospital."

She had several "de-sats" (episodes of the oxygen levels in her blood going down) some of which were low enough and long enough for the magnificent Rob (our cardio dude) to want to see us in person again.  So we flew out tonight, Kaylee's air ambulance taking off the same time as my commercial flight in wonderful and quirky answer to my prayer that we be able to fly together.

I am waiting in the spunky new parents room while they settle Kaylee on "Rosella Ward" and looking out the window to an amazing playground.

I feel good that we are here.  It was time.  She has been steadily going down hill for the last few weeks and it is too long since I saw my baby smile.  We need intensive nursing right now as I haven't slept for a few days doing the 24 hour shift.

Jon and the kids are with my lovely in-laws.  From here we could end up on monitoring for a few days then home again, surgery or monitoring until surgery.

I am not totally sure what to pray for right now.  Wisdom, discernment and compassion in our fantastic medical staff.  Love and protection for myself and our little family.  Protection from infection for Kaylee and peace during invasive and/or painful procedures.

I didn't get to pack like I would have chosen to, but I do have most of what I need this time.  I am not sure what I want in terms of accommodation yet until I know what is happening with Kaylee.  My phone died and I got a new one - but didn't get a chance to transfer numbers.  So if you have my mobile number, SMS me your number so  I can contact you!

Right now things are a bit up in the air so we won't be taking any visitors for a bit.


Momma Bug said...

Praying for you this day friend.
Praying for the medical staff, your family, you, and precious Kaylee.

Hugs form here.


Seaweed and Raine said...

My first thought was ( "O-Oh!" Followed by a calmness that God knows your "Address" and that He knows what is going on. Praying for the medical team that will be working with Kaylee, and that either way (surgery or not) they will make the best decision for her, that you will get some much needed sleep, and that You will feel His calm assurance wash over you.


S xox

P.S. Had to laugh at the word verification..."Wortstie"... made me think of our email. :)