Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Still here at the RCH

In Kaylee's first two months we did three hospitals, five wards, three air transfers, one road transfer, three general anaesthetics, one scary-as-all-get-out open heart surgery (scary for me, the surgeons were magnificent and didn't even twitch) and by the time we got home I was SO READY TO BE HOME.

I do not love being in hospital.

I do, however, love the Royal Children's Hospital.

They moved to a brand spanking new hospital building last year on the 30th of November (kindly discharging Kaylee before the crazy of moving buildings) and it is the prettiest hospital I ever saw.

By far the best part - they have eliminated the walk-away wherever possible.

In the first two months of Kaylee's life I was walking away from her the majority of the day.  To go and get food, to express, to shower, to sleep.  Right now I am stretched out on the couch/bed in our room with the bathroom door just accross the room.  My belly is full of the meal they delivered to our room.  I do not have to leave this room at all. 

Along side this is the other brilliant thing.  I can go if I need to and know that she will be OK.  The monitor read out is not only in our room but also at the nurses desk so they can always see what she is up to.  Every single nurse that I have worked with is top quality.  I know that they will not only look after her body, but cluck and coo over her little person if required.  And I love them for it.

And Miss Kaylee loves it so much she is playing with us.

This morning we switched her O2 off for about the third time and she was doing brilliantly for hours.  So we took out her drip seeing as she no longer needs IV antibiotics and would not be transported with oxygen and a little while later we took off her prongs (which had not been giving her oxygen for several hours) and she started to de-saturate all over the place.

She is back on very low-flow oxygen and from here we just keep trying and seeing how she goes.  How long this takes is totally up to her.  We miss Jon and the kids, but I am taking this opportunity to rest and recharge.

And I am so very thankful for this place.

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Seaweed and Raine said...

So thrilled about her progress! :) I want to write more... but my brain has switched off! Sorry Jess!!! Will try to catch up later. :)
Give K a kiss from me.
S xox