Sunday, February 05, 2012

Kaylee's Fund

Spending time in hospital has given me a bit of thinking time.

Last December I blogged about how people have been wanting to be generous but I had conflicting feelings about accepting the generosity.  See, I would like to take advantage of everyone but I don't want to take advantage of anyone...if you get my drift!

You see, there is something very wrong feeling about someone walking past the new scanner/printer we bought to give us a box of groceries or money that had been donated for needy families.  It just feels dishonest somehow.

However, while we have no specific needs right now, down the track Kaylee's needs will probably get expensive with feed pumps and other speciality items we may need to get for her.  We would like to keep our family together as much as possible which means finding money to transport and accommodate Jon and the kids when we need to go to hospital in Melbourne and Hobart.  And we will need to finish our renovations and move house sooner than we originally planned so we may need to employ people either to help out around the house so Jon can get into the DIY or to do some more of the renovating than we were originally planning to get other people to do.

And we have discovered over the past five months that people are generally brilliant, generous and extremely lovable and they DO want to help us out in any way they can.

So here's my plan.

On our "Prayer and support requests" page I put a donation button like this:

and I have an account put aside for Kaylee related expenses so people can donate to us via paypal.  If you know us personally and would prefer to give us money in person or via post that's fine too.  This way I know that we are accepting help from people who understand our situation, not people who are trying to help out destitute families!  We will keep this money aside and use it as needs crop up.

I do thank all those who have helped us out over the last five months.  I am awed and humbled to have such wonderful people in my life.  Kaylee has been treasured by so many people and we feel privileged to be able to help her touch the lives of so many in such positive ways.

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