Thursday, June 11, 2009

Warning - swine flu rant - kinda

I have canceled a trip to Victoria because it is Swine Flu Central. I heard somewhere that it has the most cases per capita in the WORLD (Victoria - the place for drought, fire, earthquake, disease, foxes, rabbits...) and if the kids or I get it, a possibility using air travel, Jon has to be quarantined. This has the potential to cost us a LOT of money. Self employed = no sick pay! So we are opting to limit our travel there for now.

But over all, can we all calm down a bit please???

Let's get a grip, use common sense and basic hygiene. Quarantine yourself if you have ANY flu, for the sake of the immuno-compromised (the very young, very old, chronically ill etc.)

Is it any wonder flu and other illnesses spread quickly when we have so many children going to school and daycare ill? Parent's unable/unwilling to take time off from work send their kids in making them little petri dishes. People trudge off to work/social events/errands regardless of their health because we are so afraid to STOP to REST to let our bodies, minds, souls HEAL. We are so afraid to ask for help, ring someone and ask them to drop into the shop to get us milk, because we don't want to bother them. Charity is a dirty word and to think that our care would REQUIRE another person to alter their day is unthinkable. So we battle on, spreading our germs. Spreading our illness and hurt as effectively as a crop duster. We go and go and go until we break and then are shocked when a doctor can't just give us a pill and make it go away.

Hmmm, somewhere there I stopped talking about the swine flu and this became about something else.

Anyway, can I suggest that we all stop the panic and use some common sense.

Oh, and stay away from Victoria. I don't know about you but I am waiting for the brimstone to start falling over there!

A cheerful heart is good medicine


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
I totally agree with that post. The H1N1 virus has received much press coverage, but the 'flu that people get every year kills far more.

As for me, I'm trying to avoid it, as I don't have a spleen - makes life tricky at times!

Jess said...

yeah that would make life a little different sometimes ;)