Thursday, June 04, 2009

a completely FICTIONAL conversation, kinda

This conversation so totally DID NOT happen in my house. Well, not that I'm admitting anyway.

A discussion on financial priorities.

Someone who we shall refer to as ME said: Well I don't really NEED more clothes, but I'd love to get some more books and stuff for the kids.

Someone who we shall refer to as BELOVED said: Honey, when will you need those books?

Me: soon, by next year maybe. Now would be helpful you know.

Beloved (slowly and patiently): and do you have anything to wear to the wedding in October?

Me: Yes, kinda, sorta. This top would be fine with some black slacks surely. I don't want to overshadow the bride you know!

Beloved: Yeeess, I don't MIND you buying clothes and things you know, you do NEED them.

Me: but clothes wear out and books, well, they last forever. They are a much sounder financial investment you know. Better than PJ's anyway.

Beloved: Don't you only have one set of PJ's now?

No, I have more than....wait, define "set"

Beloved: Honey, I'm not saying don't get the books. I am just saying, perhaps you can DELAY getting the books for three months or so and get some clothes and things for yourself now.

Me: But-when-I-buy-clothes-I-get-them-then-I-get-pregnant-or-loose-weight-and-they-don't-look-any-good-on-me-and-I-have-less-money-to-spend-on-books-and-I-know-you're-right-and-being-reasonable-but-I-want-books-I-hate-buying-clothes-and-these-books-would-be-really-cool. Hey, can we get bookshelves instead?

Off to reread an old post titled: Gift Wrapping: a wifely confession

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Momma Bug said...

I think you'd better get some clothes.
For Beloved.
Trust me. It'll be worth getting pregnant again ;-)