Monday, June 08, 2009

Not Me Monday

It wasn't ME who laid in bed all day this weekend reading a novel while Beloved watched the children AND cleaned the house.

I would NOT have, under ANY circumstances, hammed it up a bit and pretended to be a little sicker than I actually was just so I could finish a novel in less than 48 hours and have naps.

I certainly would NOT have done the above the day after spending most of the day in bed reading to the kids, playing stories on the computer for the kids and putting on movies for the kids while I read or napped. And I most definately would NOT have put on the puppy dog eyes when asking Beloved to put together tea after my "hectic" day being sick and taking care of the kids.

Head over to My Charming Kids to find out what others have NOT been up to.

It's strangely therapeutic.


Anonymous said...

It sounds as if you have a wonderfully supportive husband.

Aren't they great when you're not feeling well?

I hope that you'll soon be feeling well again.

Jess said...

Yeah, I think I'll keep him!