Friday, June 26, 2009


Jillian from homeschooling4Christ was kind enough to give me an "Honest Scrap Award"!

I am supposed to tell you ten honest things about myself. If you look around on this Blog long enough you'd probably find a few more than ten things, but anyway.....

(1) I firmly there are few works of fiction in the world that cannot be improved with the addition of a talking dragon and reading Lord of the Rings was a high point in my literary life.

(2) I can't decide what I would dress up as if I ever went to a Sci-Fi/fantasy convention, but I would dearly love to go to one anyway. I see-saw between a Firefly character, something from Monty Python or something Tolkinesque.

I have a thing for chunky, dangly earrings at the moment. It is cheeper and less permanent than having "Warning: this person may not be as conventional as she first appears" tattooed on my forehead.

(4) I love dirt and gardening with a passion and have only recently and reluctantly given in to wearing gardening gloves. I miss the dirt against my hands, but it makes it easier to quickly attend to children without having to first wash my hands.

(5) I am currently reading the third book in the Empire series by Colin Igguledon. It puts some living colour into early Rome and I am loving every minute, in spite of the absence of talking dragons.

I love making schedules, timetables and lists but sadly have a little less love for actually DOING the things on those schedules, timetables and lists. As a consequence, I can happily while away hours writing while the house falls apart!

(7) I could quite happily spend a month without seeing another person other than my family and when I was studying I would deliberately spend a week or two in complete solitude (as much as you can in the dorms!) without socialising with anyone. I am not a people person!

(8) I have to remind myself that I was "busy" once too and to stop being a snob when I get frustrated with people who claim that they are "sooooo busy" because they have two kids, one school aged and at school and they have to keep their (completely built) house tidy. I have to remind myself that not all people are as insane as me and "Busy" is in the eye of the beholder.

(9) I did Bible Study today with a documentary on TV for the kids and Christopher sitting on my lap doodling on my notes page - it actually worked quite well all 'round!

(10) I believe more bookshelves is 90% of the answer to the issues I have with keeping a routine and being organised at the moment. I may not be right, but I am clinging to that belief until I am proven wrong (preferably by more bookshelves!)

I am also meant to choose 7 blogs to pass this on to, but I am going to cheat and say go to my blog roll on the right hand side of the page and pick seven, they are all great!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Honest Scrap award.

More bookshelves are definitely the answer - more bookshelves = morebooks. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Momma Bug said...

I am chuckling because I read that "honest scrap..." as something else first. Had to wonder what kind of an award that was!
Chunky earrings huh?
I know it is very taboo to say this but I've never read Tolkien. I tried once and it was a little too dark for me. Not generally a fantasy person myself, I own to be a heartfelt fan of C.S. Lewis and happen to very much like Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which has a dragon (although I guess he doesn't talk... hmm...) Anyway.
It's been a while since I've read any fiction. To busy ;-P

I believe it's true that everyone fills the same 24 hours and busyness IS in the eye of the beholder (or more likely the doer)!
Aren't there different kinds of busy too? You know: "I'm busy taking a nap"? Can you be busy with that?
"I am busy playing with my children" or
"I don't have time for that, I'm busy visiting with my husband and sipping ice tea (or in your case something hot)on the upstairs deck..."


Jess said...

More bookshelves may even = no more books in boxes lying around the house like there has been for the last - oh - DECADE!

I loved the Narnia Series and Lewis is one of my favourites definately! I went on a fiction "diet" for a while, there is an amusing story involving "just one more chapter" and a dinner party going horribly WRONG that caused that little fast! I do have a rather broad taste in books to be honest. I am reading Muddle Headed Wombat with the kids at the moment and I CRY laughing. I'm afraid reading is something I ALWAYS find time for, but there are seasons when it is restricted to the Bible or the Bible and a few good non-fictions (I find Elizabeth George's great)