Tuesday, June 02, 2009


express style!!

Erin: dry at nights FINALLY!!! Takes getting her up during the night and the purchase of a swanky new waterproof that we call a "whoops-a-daisy" (purchased at Agfest and purely coincidentally matches the doona cover I made for her two years ago!)

Billy: Is THREE!! Yes, three. Wants to start schoolwork now he's a big boy. Has a cold and started throwing up yesterday before he even had birthday cake the poor love. Seems better now after throwing up through the night.

Christopher: Now says "more pease Mummee" and many other multi word sentences. He also says "CAAAAKE!!!!" VERY loudly and, when being spoken to about his behaviour, he will sometimes place a gentle hand over my mouth and say "shhhhh Mummy, quiet". What do you say to that???

Anna: playing with TOYS. Singing to herself. Wriggling around on a blanket on the floor and reaching the edge of said blanket. Excema, I must have eaten some dairy without realising. Looking suspiciously like she is trying to roll over. I'm not ready.

House: I now have 2 cats ('stray' took up residence by the fire, she's named Mischief now) and I STILL have jolly mice dancing around my kitchen. Routine is getting an overhaul and I am still ironing out the bugs. When, exactly, am I meant to hang out the washing?

Garden: More trees removed, more garden beds made. Beloved has mowed the back paddock. Billy has claimed it as his "dairy farm" and spends hours out there "milking" and driving imaginary tractors with imaginary dogs.


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