Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Can't have just one...

Billy: Mummy, Jesus is going to put twins in your tummy.

Me: Is he?

Billy: Yeah

Me: Well, we will see what Jesus gives us.

Billy: I LOVE twins. One for me (pointing to self) and one for you (pointing to Erin) [pause]
Oh and one for you 'istafa (Christopher) and one for you too Mummy.

Me: But twins are when two babies grow in a mummy's tummy, you said four babies, that's quads.

Billy: I want FIVE babies, no, TWENTY babies!!

Me (an itty bit stressed at the idea): But twenty babies won't fit in a mummy's tummy!

Billy: Well, you will just have to stack them up into your HEAD! Then you can push them out and I will take care of them!

If I have twenty babies at once, I AM having a tummy tuck afterward, no negotiations on that one.

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alecat said...

LOL! At least he was offering to look after them afterwards! :)