Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Victories

Mama Bug has posted a challenge on her blog.
A challenge to document out little victories in going against our first instinct and doing what is best for our children.

One of my little victories has been our Jobs List!

On the inside of my pantry doors there are two sheets of paper. Each sheet is divided in four with some very dodgy art work on them! I made these about two weeks ago with the children. We sat down together and I asked them all the things that we need to do to keep the dining area clean. They were pretty good and thorough! They even included wiping the light fittings. We trimmed the list down to eight items and I divided them evenly between the two sheets. After (almost) every meal now the older two children clear and wipe the table, wipe down the chairs (including Christopher's high chair), clear any toys or other things that don't belong and wipe the windowsills. They even sweep (well, use the brush and shovel to sweep up the pile when I sweep) and mop! The adds another few minutes every meal to the clean up. There have been a few times when I have just wanted to let it slide that day, but we are sticking with it! My job is to oversee, help and help keep the babies out of their way!

You know what the thing that makes me MOST proud is?

They have started making Christopher their "assistant", giving him little jobs to do or things to carry so he doesn't feel left out!

How cute is that.

That is my little victory, and it is bigger than I expected it would be.


Momma Bug said...

Those little victories are very big in the scheme of things, aren't they?
I like your idea. I need to get into the swing of that one again.
Chores that is.

Helsyd said...

very clever idea Jess! and good for them too! -
it must be so sweet to watch them too