Monday, April 20, 2009


BIG NEWS! Due to a major influx of mice we are getting a cat. Jon is allergic but he also loves cats, it was actually me who was tipping the vote to no cat for various reasons that all disappeared when I stepped out of the shower and found a mouse ON MY TOWEL!! AUGHHHH!!!! We chose one at the RSPCA on the weekend and are picking him up tomorrow or the next day after he is desexed.

Is thrilled to be getting a cat. Her original vote for a name was to call him Morris, but now she thinks Puss is a better name. I have given the two big kids chores to do to clean up after each meal and she is very, very helpful. More than I thought she'd be actually.

suffered at the hands of me trying to cut his hair this week and the clippers dying. Not a pretty sight. He doesn't seem bothered by it though. He is SUPER thrilled to be getting a cat. I think he has the same affinity with animals that I had when I was little so I am really glad to be getting a cat for his sake. He helped Daddy unload dirt with his little wheel barrow yesterday and it was very cute!

also became a victim of Mummy-is-too-cheep-to-pay-for-someone-to-cut-my-hair! He has been quite a handful lately as he cuts 4 teeth at once (eye teeth in there too). Grumpy, surly, stubborn. He can still switch it on though and that belly laugh is one of my all time favourite things!

love playing "This Little Pig"! I give her a full body massage before and after her bath and when I do her fingers and feet, I say the rhyme. The minute I grab a toe and say "this little pig..." her eyes light up and she smiles. The look on her face is like she is saying "oh, she is going to say it!! It's coming!! She is going to do it!! Here it comes!! OOOOHHHH YAYYYYYY!!!! She went WEWEWWEEEEE!!!!!" and she chuckles. It is priceless.

The House:
is rodent infested. They are running everywhere over everything. They come out and wander around the house in the evenings as we sit and watch TV or talk. Because I have no kitchen cupboards, they run through them at will meaning our most used dishes stay in the dishwasher until used and everything else has to be re-washed before use. Thankfully, all our packet food etc is in the pantry cupboard, our one mouse proof place in the house. Counting the days until our cat comes home!

The Garden:
Beloved got me dirt for my birthday! We have made a couple of garden beds and I am in the process of moving everything I want to keep out of the front garden, into the new garden beds. The front will be covered with THICK newspaper and have new dirt put down in an effort to get rid of the Oxalis and cooch grass.

In Other News:
Our very good friends had a baby the other day, their third. A girl named Chloe Jasmine, 10lb 10oz. No, it wasn't ME who jumped up and down and yelled "DOH!" because theirs was bigger than ours. It wasn't me who demanded that Beloved get started on a new baby NOW so that I can beat that. I am not competitive at all. No. Not me. Never. OK, a bit.



Momma Bug said...

Jess, you have some outlandish aspirations! ;-P
I'd be happy to let her keep her record if I was you, er... if you were me (or something like that).
I agree though, that getting those baby's started is a pretty fun kind of work;-)
Look forward to hearing the final decision on cat's name!

Anonymous said...

Cats are cool - we have three of them, and they all catch their fair share of rats and mice. Being on a farm, with hay and grain in the shed means that we have our fair share of them, but fortunately we haven't had any inside. My husband mouse-proofed the house when we moved here.

Jess said...

The days of being mouse proof are in the distant future I'm afraid. The joys of living in a partially renovated house in a rural village! I like cats, even though I am dog person at heart. My main objections were to do with allergies. Jon's are fairly severe, mine are mild and odds are one or more of our kids will end up with them. But ours didn't manifest until we were older and they do reduce in severity if we are around cats all the time.

Part of me likes having the biggest of anything. Biggest pumpkin at the local show, the biggest dog (I have a thing for mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds), the biggest horse (I want a Gypsy Cobb they're amazing!) and of course the biggest baby!! LOL I think my boys will dwarf theirs when they grow up so I will have to be content with that. Especially as Chloe was 2 weeks early and covered in vermix!