Thursday, May 22, 2008


Winter is definately on the way. Each toe has between one and five chilblains from standing on the tile floor in the kitchen so it feels a bit like fire ants have taken up residence in my socks.

keeps changing her mind as to what she wants for her new room. The only constant seems to be the rainbow!

has become quite bossy of late and often tells Christopher "Shhhh QUIETLY!" at the top of his lungs! The irony hasn't quite hit him yet. He is nearly two, my baby! I am not ready for this yet.

is caterpillar crawling, sleeping four hours during the day and twelve hours at night and saying "Bubububububub". Very cute. He is also drooling constantly and chews everything that he doesn't throw up on. Babies are gross.

The house:
Needs packing, but I have taken advantage of the warm weather for the week to get back on top of the washing. So I need to get going!


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