Thursday, May 15, 2008


seems to be comming to the end of a phase of great attention seeking. I think because I have been trying to MAKE SURE she has that special time each day, she is needing to be less in my face. A good thing for all of us! She told me yesterday that she loves moving (she's alone on that one I'm afraid!) and wants to help Daddy paint a rainbow on the new house.

has caught my cold and is a bit whingy and grumpy at the moment. He'll get over it though! His newest passion is "Nic-nics" (picnics) and he asks for one daily which I find very cute.

has FINALLY gone back to eight to ten hour nights after I got more strict with his daytime routine. He is also doing a sort-of forward commando crawl.

The house:
has the positive from Jon's weekend vacuum overflowing to other rooms as I have more time to put into them now that I am just maintaining a tidy lounge room rather than trying to clean it up. I have the first few boxes packed too!

This cold has slowed me up. I am out of breath very easily at the moment so I have only hopped on the exercise bike twice this week.


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