Wednesday, May 14, 2008

continuing your education

I am a strong believer in lifelong education. I suppose that's one reason why I'm homeschooling. I do believe that one should NEVER stop learning. How do you continue your education when you have little ones under foot? Adult Ed courses seem a bit time consuming, not to mention expensive. Correspondence courses would be a waste of money at the moment too, when am I going to get to do assignments?? Between changing nappies and packing boxes?

So, this is what I have done in the past, am doing now, and/or am planning to do in the future:

* READ. A confirmed bibliophile such as myself ALWAYS finds time to read. Get a recipe book holder and prop open your latest volume to read while doing the dishes. Sit it in the loo (be careful with this one, it could be taught to swim by your latest toilet L-plater or you could get caught in the "one more page" trap and be in there for long enough for chaos to reign!), get an audio book and listen to it while cleaning or hanging out the washing - be inventive. Start with the Bible, then make a list of books you want to read. Collect recommendations, look up book lists on sites that interest you, look back at your old school reading lists and pick some that you never got to read or revisit some old friends. Try not to send yourself bankrupt on books (like me!) by using the library. If you can part with them, you can on-sell read volumes on e-bay or at second hand book shops (lots will have book exchanges)

* Start a file. Pick out a few subjects that interest you and start collecting. Cuttings from newspapers and magazines, print outs from the internet, a notebook with quotes from books you've been reading on the subject.

*Bookmark. Use your book mark function on the internet and collect site addresses on subjects that interest you. Limit your time, just book mark and come back later when you have more time, don't get lost in the cyber web. Also, check out the validity of all facts CAREFULLY. Anyone with a computer can publish on the web. Blogs, discussion groups and web-rings can be great ways to find like-minded people.

*Ask experts. Find people who know stuff that you want to know and ask them. Just one question at a time can build a life-long mentoring relationship. Many people are honoured to pass on their knowledge and skills.

Don't forget to prioritise your learning, it is easy to let it take over sometimes and even easier to let it slip away entirely. A well rounded woman (in mind as well as body!!) is an asset to the home :)

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