Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's so good to have him back!

Beloved was away from Thursday morning until Monday night and we missed him like crazy! I have been following him around like a puppy since he got home! It's mutual too, every night since he got home we've been in bed by 11:30 - we even got there by 10:30 a few nights! This is BIG for us as usually we head to bed sometime after midnight.

did a little craft yesterday where she took two felt shapes (the shape of a little dog) and using a plastic needle and some yarn she sewed them together using the pre-punched holes. She did a brilliant job! I wasn't even in the room for most of it and she persisted and only had a few tangles.

is my little "Headstrong victor" (that's what his name means - William Steven) and he decided to try getting a victory at the dinner table. He didn't. As I was changing his nappy and getting him ready for bed afterwards I planted a kiss on his forehead. He looked into my eyes and said "Naughty. Sorry Mummy" He melts me 1000 different ways!

definitely can't eat carrot. I tried him again the other day and we had another night of yelling. Luckily he loves apple and pumpkin and everything else he's tried. Still moving backwards mainly but sideways is becomming more frequent and he swivels himself around on the spot.

The House:
I bought a book called "Speed Cleaning" and read the first chapter last night. I have a feeling it will revolutionise the way I do things! It is well worth a read if you can get your hands on it. While Jon was away I really got stuck in, but I need to tweak the way I do things again. Some old habits and techniques are no longer effective with the demands of three little ones, homeschooling, fitting in prayer, Bible study, exercise, reading, conversation with the husband and sitting down every now and then!

I found every excuse in the world not to do this over the past week. Then yesterday, I got on the exercise bike and felt a million times better for it! When will I learn!!!


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In gratitude

#8 quiet winter mornings praying and reading in front of the fire before the house is awake

#9 the total absorption in a story as we lay together on the floor, pointing out this and that

#10 welcoming Beloved home after he has been away for a while

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