Thursday, May 08, 2008


It has been a fairly stressful few weeks trying to sort out the purchase of the house, but we should have things finalised to a point tomorrow (fingers crossed) and then it is just the four week settlement until we are in. I will be reducing my time online for a while because I need to get the house clean and packed to move. We went to Agfest last week (a huge agricultural festival we have here in Tassie every year) and even managed to keep track of all the kids among the tens of thousands who were there with us!! Erin rode in an umbrella stroller for the most part (mostly for speed) and Billy went in the double decker pram with the packages and Christopher rode in the hug-a-bub the whole time (wanted to see everything so wailed when put in the pram!). We covered the whole thing in the day and had a fantastic time.

loved a visit to Agfest. She had her face painted like a tiger, was bought TWO lollipops (the first bit the dust) and saw all sorts of animals and stands and stalls. She has been helping with the cleaning up for the move (I've started washing walls and things) but has to entertain herself sometimes because I am just flat out. She has been coping with this quite well - better than I expected actually. I am almost disappointed to be so easily replaced by imaginary games, puzzles and the obligatory book!

continues to amaze me. Yesterday in the bath he sat with a plastic spoon and bowl. "stir, stir, stir. Sugar. (scoop in some water) eggs (scoop in some more water from another part of the bath) stir, stir - cooking Mummy, you want some?" His mind is just awakening like a bud in the warmth of spring sunshine. He indicated in no uncertain terms that he wants a scripture memory caterpillar like Erin's this morning (we cut out circles of coloured paper about the size of a bread and butter plate and write memory verses on them. We stick them up with a circle made into a face at the front and pipe cleaner legs. Erin's is almost halfway around the kitchen!). We have started with Ephesians 6:1 and we'll do Genisis 1:1 next. I wouldn't have thought he was up to it yet, but he is adamant and I figure we'll give it a go.

is sitting on my lap playing with my buttons after a session of blowing raspberries on my bicep and pressing hs face into my chest while shaking his head from side to side (apparently this is hilarious!). Still only going backwards and sideways. but I think this is just because he likes being original. We've battled constipation, phantom teething (gums have been swollen for weeks now) and just plain overtired grumpiness (he REFUSES to be comforted by Jon, the abuse he screams is quite embarrassing). All in all he's a strong willed boy who melts me with his charm..... not another one!! I am more aware this time around and hope to avoid encouraging some of Billy's less desirable habits.

The house:
has clean walls in the lounge, dining, hallway. Billy's room and in our room. Washing is breeding after a few wet days and I have decided that wet days, I'm just going to have to use the drier. It is worth the few dollars for clean, dry clothes! Especially as in the dead of winter we can get about five hours of proper sunshine a week!

has been difficult.....but I reached the goal! 30 minutes four times - plus walking all day at Agfest. Too scared to get on the scales today though, Jon has bought home soft cheese and ice cream (choc-choc chip!!) this week!!


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