Saturday, March 01, 2008


It has taken me a while to get to this update as we have had a bit 0f sickness in the house and, well, I also had a big stack of novels that were crying out to be read!

fell ill the day after I wrote the post below. Couldn't even hold down water for 24 hours the poor love! She managed to bounce back by about Monday though. Today she is sporting a swollen, bruised lip from rapid contact made with a toy box when she was dancing this morning! She has been very patient and helpful over the past week or so. She has also done a bit of cooking. She is getting quite adept and loves spending the time with Mum doing such clever (and yummy!) stuff.

managed to avoid getting Erin's bug but he did have a nasty cold that lasted about a week. He had become addicted to the television and often plaintively pleads "D-D!! D-D!!" (DVD) so we are going cold turkey this week and not having any daytime tv. I'd much rather him hassle me to read to him!

is rolling over from his tummy to his back at times but seems far more interested in crawling. He has perfected the "plow" position (head down, bum up, peddle the legs like crazy in hope of getting somewhere!). I have my suspicions that once he gets his arms sorted out little if anything is going to be safe! He is in competition with his brother for title of "loudest in the house" now as he is singing, talking and yelling most of the time he is awake! He is going to the Dr. about his skin on Tuesday as he is still very itchy and it is spreading to his body. If he manages to de-mitten himself he ends up a bloody mess during the night.

The house:
is still recovering. I was out of commission this week a bit and the washing generated by a three year old with a tummy upset is rather huge! As a consequence I am behind in nearly everything, but still took the day off on Tuesday to play on the floor with the kids for most of it (OK, I also spent a lot of time reading by book, I confess!)

Tomatoes, apples and weeds in abundance.


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