Sunday, March 09, 2008


Well it's been a rather full day today. In fact, it's been a rather full week!

was THRILLED today to ride on her favorite steam powered carousel at the Heritage Farm Machinery Expo. She also rode it last year at the craft fair. The horses are all hand painted with their own names across their necks. Erin is certainly her Father's daughter. The whole time we were riding she was examining the workings to see how it worked and when we got off she got down on her hands and knees to look underneath. She was also thrilled to ride on a vintage, restored, horse-drawn manure spreader! I was very surprised actually as she jumped up quite happily and went for a saunter around on it without so much as a backward glance. She even "drove" for a bit! The animal nursery was also a hit with the Springer Spaniel puppies being the favorite. Erin has also begun reading this week. I noticed that she has begun to recognise some words on her own so we wrote some words that she knows and a few others that would be easy to sound out (cat, sat, mat etc.) on index cards. We then made sentences and read them and drew a few pictures of them ("The bat sat on Mummy" being one of the funnier ones!). We had a ball! She is now recognising even more words and is loving being able to read herself.

is also florishing. The ducks were his personal favourite thing at the expo; closely followed by the tractors! He was quite distressed when he saw some rubber ducks being used in a display of a haritage pump. They were being swirled around in the tank and dunked under and he was quite concerned about their welfare! We had to explain to him that they liked the water LOL He was such a good boy spending most of his time in the pram being pushed around the different exhibits. He was pretty good for the most part. Yesterday when we went to church, Pauline, who teaches the children's Sabbath School, bought her new puppy with her. Billy was THRILLED! It took a bit of effort to teach him that squealing at the puppy would scare her, but he was getting there. We have made a bit of progress with the "grizzle" habit he'd picked up again. Jon has been making huge efforts to spend some "man-to-man" time with him and it really shows in Billy's behaviour overall.

is now excema free!! After a couple of months of putting off taking him to the doctor I finally took him last Tuesday. The cream she prescribed worked a charm and he was smooth and soft by Thursday! I now have a maintenance plan to keep it at bay and guess what? HE'S SLEEPING THROUGH AGAIN! Yay!! I have my happy baby back. He is determined to crawl rather than roll. He has proven he can roll from his tummy to his back but refuses to do it on a regular basis. He prefers to get Erin to roll him over. Don't ask me how he manages to get her to do it, but he does. We are having his dedication on the first Saturday in April at 11am. I will get around to calling everyone soon.

The house:
is pretty much on track after a weeks worth of throrough cleaning - although the laundry is still breeding a bit! I actually had time (made time?) to sew this week. Yay!

The garden:
WEEDS! I need to get out there.


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