Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well I've been sticking with the exercise challenge and I have to admit, a ten pound baby wrecks havoc on your abdominal muscles from the inside!! I am really feeling the Pilates work out and I am DETERMINED to keep at it!

is talking NON-STOP. The other day, she tripped, fell head first into a garden bed, turned a somersault and stood up without even taking a breath or changing topic of conversation. The scary thing is, I have NO IDEA what she was talking about or who! A terrible case of the verbal runs me-thinks (otherwise known and 3.5-year-old-itis!!). There are times she simply asks silly questions to engage me in conversation (a trick she's been doing for a while now). I can be juggling 5 things all at once and dealing with a crisis and Erin will ask in a dreamy voice "what colour is the sky Mummy?" While looking out the window at the BLUE sky! More than once she has caught the sharp end of my tongue (I'm trying for slow, soft, scant, suitable speech but I ain't there yet!). I've been trying to take a breath and reply "Answer that question with your EYES Erin, not all questions have to come through your mouth." or "Look at my eyes and my hands. Do they look like the eyes and hands of someone who can answer that type of question, or the eyes and hands of a busy person? Keep that question for later." I am trying to teach HER the value of weighing her words before speaking (a skill her mother is still learning) and how to tell when someone can't listen to you right that minute. Limited success so far, but I'll let you know how it goes. Lucky she's adorable.

after briefly rallying at the start of last week, he got so sick we canceled our going away plans and took him to the Dr to be checked out for pneumonia (all clear and he perked up the minute we got to the waiting room after crying for three days before I took him!!). I've allotted some of the blame for the sleepless nights and crabby days to the two year old molar making it's way out of the top right back of his jaw. He's still quite clingy and loves his bed much more than a kid his age actually should, but I'm not sure how much of that is recovery, and how much personality! He's always been a bit of a mama's boy (yes, guilty, I cultivated it!) and he has been actively asking for bed at bed times for - oh - almost a year now! He has a love of order and today after I changed the boy's nappies (disposable seeing as it's been raining for days and I had no clean dry nappy covers) he went to the kitchen, got me a plastic bag to put the dirty nappies in, then waited at the door to direct me out to where they go. He also talks his way through the bed time routine (Teeth, nappy, curtains, BED!). The other day we were cleaning up the toys and I found myself sitting watching TV while he cleaned up the toys - guess where Erin gets her distract-ability from?

is going at full steam - backwards! This works well until he gets stuck under something (usually a couch or my sewing desk) when he yells until I get him out. He is also actively working on teeth - I think! Drool and lots of chewing anyway. He is still the happiest baby in the world. He spends about 60% of his awake time in my arms just because I love holding him! Fortunately, he doesn't seem to mind being squashed under his siblings or having food dropped on him (he has tasted it once or twice!). Billy is still his favourite person to look at of all time and he rarely fails to get a big, wide open mouth grin. Billy, however, gives a dummy spit if Christopher touches him unasked. If a foot touches Billy I get "MUUUUMMM!!! Kicked!! KICKED!!! Fa (Christopher) KICKED!!!" I have a sneaking suspicion that Christopher has made the link and does it on purpose because it rarely fails to bring peals of laughter from Christopher!!

The house:
was in need of a crisis clean which we did yesterday so now it is somewhere near in order. Much of the mess was because I have been completely A-motivated lately. It started off with the kids waking in the night, which meant I'd get my second wind and actually start doing things after they were asleep (not a good time to Vacuum). I'd then get stuck on the computer or doing something else completely un-housewife-y and stay up until 1 or 2 am then stumble through the next day, only to get my second wind after the kids were in bed....... Am trying to reset the internal clock now! I have sorted all the kids outgrown clothes into special tubs and organised them all according to size and gender. Yes, we were sticking to the kitchen floor but the clothes are ORGANISED!

The garden:
has been watered non stop for the last few days, but it is mostly weeded except for the green house and is reasonably tidy. I have dreams of getting in and doing millions of things, but we're looking at blocks of land and it's all together possible we could be only a few months away from moving - so we need to save every penny and I have to ask myself, is it worth the time and effort?

I have almost finished my satin PJ pants, I did the cuffs of a pair of Red cord pants for Billy today (they were for Erin, but I never finished them) and mended a nightie I have had on the mending pile for AGES! I found the pattern for a cross stitch that I've wanted to do for about 4 years and have plans of getting the thread I need very soon. I've also been taking a step back from some patch work I've been working on (my first ever) to re-evaluate what I wanted to do with it and occasionally picking up knitting.

Baby needs feeding now!!


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