Saturday, December 31, 2011


Christmas was wonderful.

All is good here.

Had a quick trip to the hospital earlier in the week because Kaylee pulled her tube part way out (why do these things always happen at 10pm or later?) but other than that we were pretty much home.  A few more weeks of that and we may start climbing on top of things around here.

Andrew is walking at last.  Anna is besotted with her baby doll we got her for Christmas and makes good use of the bottle, cups, clothes and other accessories that came with her.  Christopher has turned a nice golden brown for summer (yes, we do hats and sunscreen but he is naturally dark skinned anyway).  Billy is champing at the bit to do some school work.  Erin is so grown up it startles me.
Here are a few snaps of our Christmas day.  I'm afraid I don't have the crazy mad aesthetic skills that some of my other bloggy friends have and few of these pics show the kids faces (hard to get them to look at the camera when they have presents!).  But this is us: 

 Christopher waiting for present opening Christmas Morning

 Billy checking out his new pencil case and pencils

 Erin helping Kaylee open her presents
 THE swing set

 a-swingin'and a-jumpin'

And one little boy who thinks ladders are for wusses.
 yes, he can make it to the top!

And my best present this year?
Being home with my family.

And one fat....

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Momma Bug said...

I am so thankful! Beautiful family. Beautiful baby.
And I see YOU in the corner of one picture friend - beautiful precious friend!