Saturday, December 24, 2011


Well, there is another week done.

Fantastically, we didn't go to the hospital once this week.  In fact, Kaylee and I didn't even get in the car this week which was fantastic.  Jon, however, had to go out three days in a row this week for various unavoidable reasons which proved to me beyond a doubt that I NEED him home at the moment!

We have been making various Christmas preparations and I am looking forward to seeing the kids open their pressies.  We got the a swing set which my Honey will set up tonight!  Not the whizz bang spectacular one he'd like to design and build one day but a fun interim measure.

It is HOT today and Kaylee has been refluxing all day.  She is finally asleep in my arms completely naked (or as Christopher says - nekid).  I have a feeling we will be seeing a bit of the nekid-with-mittens look from Miss Kaylee this summer as the heat seems to make her itch under her tube tape.

Andrew has had his first haircut and is sporting a nice, short, tennis ball style, as is Billy.

We had a huge toy cull yesterday in preparation for Christmas.  Quite a few unsentimental soft toys are moving on.  A shape sorter (we still have three!), a toy with many-small-parts-that-HURT-when-you-step-on-them and a very cool toy that we had two of will also be finding new homes in the New Year.  The company Jon was working with sent home Christmas presents for the kids, most of which are great but I must confess we replaced the doll that "really cries!" with a quieter doll for Anna!  I have a suspicion we will be drowning in toys again by next week.

Andrew, Billy, Christopher and Erin hosed each other down as I shelled peas in the sun with Kaylee asleep across my knee this week.  It was a perfect, blissful moment with amazing blue summer skies dotted with fluffy white clouds and a gentle breeze. I am so blessed.

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Merry Christmas to you all.