Saturday, December 10, 2011

A short update

Just writing to let everyone know we're alive!

This week was a week of organising, mess shovelling and handing out meds.  Other than a family trip to the park, Kaylee and I haven't gotten into the car this week at all which is refreshing.  The week itself however was as insane as ever.  Kaylee is doing well.  We are getting ready to fly out to Melbourne tomorrow for her cardio review.  I am hoping that will mean we fly in Sunday and fly home Monday but I am all too aware of how things roll with Kaylee. Unfortunately we have had colds hit.  I have a feeling the cold was picked up at the hospital in the playroom when we were waiting to have Kaylee's tube changed last week.  Christopher spent a night in hospital with asthma and he and Anna both have their own regime of drugs at the moment which means that Jon and I are playing nurse to someone for a major part of everyday.

We have decorated our Christmas tree though.  I was going to squeeze in a bit of Christmas Cheer if it was the last thing I did!

Making it a short one today though, I still have to pack for tomorrow.

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