Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An attack of the I'll-Justs

I have had friends and family speak with envy about my ability to fall asleep anytime, anywhere.  Personally, I find it a little inconvenient when I am out visiting someone and doze off on their couch - but there ya go.

I have decided to share the secret.

I suffer from the "I'll-Justs"

Many people have a mild form of this condition - the "I'll just read one more chapter" form which can render the sufferer dopey but well read.

My form, however, I believe to be extreme.

Take, for example, this morning.  I woke up to Kaylee's feed pump at 5am and, doing the math and discovering I had only four hours sleep, decided to sensibly go back to bed.  I thought "I'll just take this empty bottle out to the kitchen"

Once out in the kitchen I looked out the window to a beautiful early morning and thought it would be nice to go for a walk but I knew I needed sleep so I thought "I'll just express first, it will make the day easier and I need to build up my supply a bit"

Fast forward 45 minutes and I was definately on my way back to bed.  "I'll just put a load of washing on and have a drink."

I needed to go outside to get some water from the tank to drink and it was sublime outside so I thought "I'll just make it a SHORT walk.  I do need the exercise."

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As I walked I realised just how out of shape I have gotten so I thought it would be a good idea to do a work out DVD when I got home.  But then I thought the better of it.  I had only had four hours sleep and I needed to go back to bed..."I'll just do the 15 minute work out."

After I did the work out I thought "Aaauuuurugh!  WHY!!!  Why did I do that to myself?  WHY!!  I feel...I feel....I feel pretty good actually.  But I smell like an old sneaker.  Why is it that activity that is supposed to make me alluring and enchanting to my husband makes me smell like an old sneaker?  I'll just have a quick shower."

As I had a shower I contemplated why the scuzz that grows in showers is always orange and seriously contemplated changing the whole bathroom decor to this colour so it wouldn't show up so much when I haddn't had a chance to clean the shower for two and a half weeks.  But I was strong, I was good, I did NOT say "I'll just clean the shower.".  I was firm with myself.  I contemplated making Jon a coffee to wake him up but said to myself "No!  You must sleep!"  So I went to my room to climb into bed.  As I walked through the door Kaylee threw up all over herself.  Unavoidably, "I'll just clean up and settle the baby"

I cleaned up Kaylee and Erin got up to use the loo.  I was tempted to spend some special time with her instead of going back to bed but I was firm with myself (and her) and sent her back to bed to read until the rest of the household awoke.  As I rocked Kaylee after cleaning her up I switched the kettle on to make Jon a coffee - bribery to get him to kid wrangle while I got an hour or so's sleep before I got up to express.  I snuggled Kaylee close, using the pressure of holding her to hold up my towel I was still wearing.  That counts as skin-to-skin therapy, right? I started dozing on my feet until the forces of gravity woke me up.  Stupid gravity.  I took Jon's coffee in to him, slid Kaylee into her bed and restarted her feed pump and stumbled into my bed.  I snuggled in to my lovely hubby's side and thought "I'll just have a snuggle and a chat for a little while...then I will sleep"  After a while he got up and had a shower and I dozed off...for ten minutes before Kaylee's pump alarmed again, the kids started getting up and I needed to express....

So there you have it.  The reason I fall asleep in odd places is because my body has trained itself to get sleep wherever it can get it!

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Mrs. Mathewson said...

Very enjoyable read. I totally know what you mean. As mum of six aswell. I find myself getting distracted all the time. Love it.