Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well, I think everyone knows about Pistachio the Belly Bubba now! I told my Gran today over the phone and I think she is still trying to pick herself off the floor after the shock. I think the biggest shock was when I said that we had planned to have this baby LOL I was inspired by an ABC doco on the CWA called "More than Tea and Scones" and made some scones. I am MOSTLY blaming the oven and the ingredients for the bairely eatable result but some of it was me too. I have come a long way from the new bride whose husband timidly asked if we could have something OTHER than pasta 6 nights a week, but I still have far to go in the domestic arts LOL

made me so proud yesterday. We went to playgroup and there were mean, horrible children there who were just plain cruel. She went up to them and asked nicely if she could play with them to be greated with "No, you can't play with US!" among other things. She just took it all in her stride. My heart broke watching it! I took her to the bakery for a chocolate ball and drink afterwards then bought her a new colouring book and crayons (her other one got thrown up on a few weeks ago). As we sat at the table in the bakery she kept asking the waitresses to sit down with us and talk. I couldn't even take her to the op-shop (where she runs in and throws herself into the shop ladies' arms) or the Library (where she follows the librarian around 'helping' her until kids come in when she gives them a guided tour and assigns them toys to play with) because it was Launceston cup day and they were closed. When I have my license we are going to a different playgroup (this isn't the first horrible children incident) and she is going to a special music class and possibly dance as well. She has a great ear for music and sings constantly so she would love the music and a chance to interact with other kids in a supportive environment.

has finally finished cutting another tooth. He has also learned peek-a-boo. Not only has he learned peek-a-boo, he has learned how to manipulate Mummy using it! He has an AWFUL habit of shrieking at the top of his lungs in the high chair. He is always a very loud, active "here I am, of course you love me!" type of personality, but put him in the high chair and you get the volume and the personality ramped up and an unhealthy dose of miniature despot added in. So he is shrieking away at the TOP of his lungs (seriously, never met a child as loud as this one) and I am just about to loose it completely, turn around to give him a piece of my mind and he grabs his bib, puts it over his face then pulls it down, grins and says "DOO" (boo) Tell me, what can you do in that situation except smile?!?!?! Thing is, it happened more than once. Sometimes he says "Derrrr" ('there' as in 'Where's Billy? There he is!). Sigh, I think I just have to resign myself to the fact that this kid needs me to loose the sense of humor sometimes! It's all very cute to melt now, but the cops won't think it is funny if he pulls his shirt over his face then pulls it down yelling "Boo!" when he is 19! I, however, will still melt when he is doing it at 32 LOL

The house:
is still getting spring cleaned. The study is in dire need of it as is the kitchen. The kitchen has been getting too much cooking and not enough cleaning so looks like a bomb hit it. I should know by now if you let it go for a day or two, it takes a week or two to get in hand!

The garden:
is still producing more tomatoes than I thought possible, that is part of the kitchen crisis! Blackberry season is starting to come to a close but I managed to freeze some to use at a later date. The corn isn't far off ready and my peaches from the most fussed over peach tree ever are starting to ripen!

as a part of cleaning up the study, I am trying to organise my craft to make it easier to get to. When my other table (destined to be a sewing table) is fixed up, things will be a lot easier!


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