Thursday, February 22, 2007

OK, here I am. Belly has popped out and we are officially 1/4 of the way there. To others, I look fat, to Jon and I, I look pregnant (well, he has to say that doesn't he?) Still not quite as big as I was with Billy, but that may be because I am not having chocolate milk several times a day like I was with him! It may also be having 2 kids to run around after and still feeding Billy at least 4 times a day. Jon and I are both getting the feeling that this one is a girl, but we truly and honestly don't mind either way. The news has well and truly escaped with most people being at least polite to my face and a few people even getting excited and happy for us! There have been a couple of negative or silly comments, but they tend to back off once I snarl and look like I will chew of a random limb (pregnancy hormones, I can't help it!)

is a real little lady now with a fantastic imagination. She was playing with her blocks yesterday and apparently they were sheep and farmers and the sheep were eating their lunch. Very cute! She helped me put together a gift for a friend of mine named Sheree and keeps talking about "Aunty Sugary" - can't quite get her mouth around "Sheree"

is huge and going non-stop. I think teeth are on the way as he has been off the show the last two days or so and drooled blood twice after bumping his gums. He is pretty much sleeping through the night now with only the occasional wake up where he gets a cuddle and put back to bed with his bear, sometimes a little top up feed if I feel he needs it.

The house:
is whimpering under the wrath of my nesting which has kicked in big time. As usual, the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it with jam making and various cooking projects pretty much always on the go. I comfort myself that it is always FRESH mess, I just mess it up as soon as I clean it. I have moved all the furniture in the kids room and cleaned underneath and cleaned the windows, walls and ceiling. I removed some blutac that was on the ceiling from the previous tenants and found holes drilled in the ceiling under (above? covered by) the blutac. Lovely I am sure! I also moved all the furniture except the bed and chest of drawers in Jon and my rooms and did the same thing. I am planning to re-organise wardrobes today, next week the study is the grand project so watch out!

The Garden:
is suffering a bit through neglect and lack of water - I've been a bit slack - but we still picked enough cherry tomatoes last night to fill a mixing bowl and another large bowl of black russians and Romas. Oh, and if you want pears, come and get them....PLEASE! I have two plum trees with large yellow plums that are just about ripe and my peach tree is almost ready as well.


The only craft has been Erin's jacket. I have made a BIT of progress!


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