Saturday, March 17, 2007

I am updating a fair bit this week!

But I was excited and couldn't wait to share LOL. The nesting is back with a vengeance! My Beloved is at TassieNats (big car/drag racing thing) and I usually use that time to do things that I can't do or find difficult when the kids are out of bed and don't do when he's home because I like to spend that time with him. Tonight it was cleaning the oven (how exciting! :P ) but this extended on to cleaning the kitchen for an hour then going around and DECLUTTERING!

I was reading one of the homemaking blogs I keep track of (large family logistics, the link is at the left hand side of the page) and she mentioned that every 'baby year' (she has 9 so there have been a few baby years!) she goes around and collects all the knick knacks and other non-functional things and either puts them away or gives them away. I had a few knick knacks around the house that I have kept and moved from house to house over the years mostly because the people who have given them to me, mean a lot to me. I have come to the conclusion that I better honor these people by using the time I would use cleaning and caring for these knick knacks (or feeling guilty about NOT cleaning and caring for these knick knacks) to call them or write them a note to tell them how much they mean to me! To tell the truth, I get a little depressed sometimes at the mis-matched nature of our decor. It is inevitable at our stage of life when we live in a rental and much of our furniture is op-shop, gifts or the cheapest available to do the job. But the mis-matched knick knacks, few of which were to our personal tastes at this stage in our lives (the musical carousel horse I loved at age 11 doesn't do as much for me now!) only added to the disjointed, cluttered feel of our home. So they are now sitting in a bag waiting for a trip to the charity bin so they can bless a different home that has time to care for them properly. The only knick knacks I have kept are the ones that my Beloved is attached to (he gets very sentimental over some things, he is much more romantic than me!), our photo frames (I have my eye on a set at Target that all match though!) and a small crystal squirrel that my grandfather bought for me in Switzerland nearly 20 years ago. I am hoping that nobody will be upset that I have passed on gifts that they gave me, but many of the items I have put away were given to me by people who can't come and visit because of the distance and their health.

If my energy had not given out I would probably be still cleaning away merrily, but bed calls. I just wanted to share as letting go of this clutter is a big thing for me! :)

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