Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our First Hospital visit!

Well, after over two and a half years of parenting, we have finally made our first rush to the hospital. On Monday I was hanging out and bringing in some washing while Billy crawled around under the clothes line and engaging in one of his favourite activities - eating dirt. When I got him inside and started running his bath I noticed that his upper lip was swollen all across the left side and was swelling before my eyes (already twice its normal size). Our best guess is a sugar ant bite to the inside of his lip, he probably bit the ant first! So we threw the kids in the car and headed in to the hospital - where I waited for 3 and a half hours then went home without seeing a doctor! By that time the swelling had gone down, his tongue and throat (which were my main concerns) showed no sign of swelling and it was WAY past bed time for both kids. NEXT time we will call the GP after hours number and have it dealt with locally. I'd rather sit for ages with a healthy baby in the waiting room than have shock or breathing difficulties at home though! The kids were both fantastic and Erin thought it was great to have a trip to Maccas with Daddy!

is now fully recovered after being slightly devastated after Nana Julie went home (she visited for four days last week). She loved having Mum here and thrived on the extra attention. She is now counting the sleeps until we go to see Nanny and Poppy. This morning I put her in the bath and she said to me "I would like some privacy please Mummy!" which made me laugh. It made me laugh even more when she kept calling out "come and see me having some privacy Mummy!".

has fully recovered from the ant bite and seems to be working on yet ANOTHER tooth! He is into everything at the moment and his favourite trick to practise is baby chin ups. He grabs the edge of something (portacot, chair etc.) with both hands and pulls himself up so his feet are off the floor then puts his feet on whatever he is climbing and pushes himself up further. He refused to sleep in his pram yesterday while we were out so was completely distraught by the time we got home. His sleeping has been off all day today because of it. Just the times more than anything because he slept in this morning.

The house:
has slipped a little, the burst of energy has subsided but I am about to get another one. I can tell because the kitchen is clean! I need to put away the bottles of plums and find a spot in the freezer for some stewed plums and mop the floor, but other than that it's clean! The freezer is starting to get very, very full and there are no bowls of tomatoes left on the bench waiting for attention. I have bought a smoothie maker which is getting a work out at the moment. Banana and peach is my favourite, although the banana and pineapple I had this morning was quite nice too.

The garden:
is slowing down now we're into Autumn. We need to mulch the garden beds and get some lawn maintainance done, but other than that things are very quiet at the moment.

Erin's jacket and only that still I'm afraid. If I ever say again "hey, I'll knit a jacket in 4 ply!" shoot me!


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