Monday, January 16, 2012

The slightly less fatty boombah post

Last week I mentioned my fabulous new weight-loss and health strategy.

I turns out it kind of works.

Now it wasn't a great week for me keeping with the plan.  There was one particular day where the only thing that I ate that wasn't from a vending machine, service station or fast food restaurant was one banana.  I did not exercise once - Kaylee's reflux was REALLY bad  for most of the week and seemed to sense when I was about to walk out the door or put the exercise DVD on.  Yes, Jon can handle it but (a) I am a control freak and I'm OK with that and (b) he is wrangling five other kids so sitting tethered to a feed pump while trying to calm a cranky baby isn't really a fun prospect for him.  Over all I managed 195 points out of a potential 245+ - which isn't wonderful.

HOWEVER, 40 of those points are because I lost 2kg - that's 4.4 pounds for you imperialists out there (by the way, I highly recommend this clip to you if you still work mainly in imperial measurements - just sayin')

I have gone from 100kg (220 pounds) to 98kg (215.6 pounds).

And I am calling it a start.

The points kept me motivated to keep doing SOMETHING, even on the days when most of the things I wanted/planned to do became impossible.  Knowing that I was going to come on here and bare my flabby soul to the world motivated me to refrain from making 3 PB&J sandwiches as a before bed snack.  Having a concrete and attainable goal gave me the strength to grit my teeth and say NO to the emotional, compulsive urges that would try and entice me to eat everything not nailed down every time I thought about broken baby hearts and Other Sad Things.

Over all I am drinking more, taking my supplements and eating a little more of that Sometimes Food that the Cookie Monster sings about.

I am now 40% of the way to my pre-Feb goal.

And I am feeling pretty good about that personally.


Seaweed and Raine said...

You go Jess!!! :)
Yes, PB sandwiches (Copious quantities of them each day) were my undoing with C... throw in a gall bladder problem and it rather cured me of wanting them QUITE so much. ;)
Keep at it - just one day at a time. :) You Can do it girl!

Jill said...

Congratulations on a great result.

Remember - your choices don't have to be perfect - just good enough to make a difference.

Jess said...

Thanks for the supportive comments guys