Monday, January 23, 2012

And the dream is back on....

I have lost 1kg.  I've gone from100kg (220 pounds) to 97kg (213.4 pounds) 

60% of the way to my February goal so if I get into gear maybe it will still happen.

Even with the cake/PMS brain, horrendous reflux from Kaylee meaning I spent most of my time in an arm chair and lack of time meaning I defrosted meat pies for lunch or ate chips on more than one occassion - it's progress.

So, Olympic dreams aside, why do I want to loose weight?

* I need to be in decent condition to cope with the physical demands if raising my beautiful brood.

* I will handle stress better if in reasonable condition and I anticipate a little stress in our future!

* I want to feel good about myself and catch the eye of my darling hubby.

* Seeing as Kaylee may be dependent for her whole life I need to be as healthy as I can for as long as I can.

* I want to be able to help my kids out when they are adults - either with my grandkids or whatever other endeavour they choose to pursue - and I need to be fit in order to do that!

* I am cheep and finding decent quality clothes, in styles I like, in my size is expensive and time consuming

So eyes on the prize.

No birthdays this week.

Perhaps I will even get to go for a walk??

1 comment:

Momma Bug said...

You are FABULOUS! All your reasons are just what I'd hope. I can't believe you're meeting your goal what with all that life holds right now.
You amaze me.
The real, candid, transparent you
amazes me!

Love :-)