Monday, January 09, 2012

The Fatty Boombah Post

OK so it turns out that medicinal mochas have a teensy weensy side effect when combined with donuts and large amounts of inactivity.

I am hugemungous.

No, seriously, in some cultures they would worship me as a symbol of fertility.

I have been trying to work out what I could do about this and I kept hitting a wall.  I'd start exercising, then things would get crazy for a while and I'd not find the time.  I'd start eating better then I'd be stuck in an ER eating out of vending machines for seven hours or spend two hours on hold/getting cut off with Centrelink and need to self medicate with chocolate before my head exploded.

Now I could wait until things settle down....but I figured about two or three kids ago that things probably weren't going to settle down and Miss Kaylee Grace's special features just add to the mix.

What I need is a flexible plan to help me recreate good habits and loose some of the bad habits.

The hitch was I don't have time to actually formulate said plan.

So I was pinning on Pintrest while expressing and sitting on hold (again) and I came accross this:

I checked it out and the link took me to a great little blog that had done the hard work form me called Six Sisters.  They had a really good little weight-loss/fitness plan which I took and tweaked for my own use.  You can check out my tweaked version HERE.  The idea is I can keep track of those good habits I am trying to re-establish and if one or more slip for a few days, I can still keep focusing on what I CAN achieve - even if we are in hospital or things are crazy at home.  My short term goal is to loose 5kg before Kaylee's cardio surgery.  My long term goal is to loose 10 - 15 kg and run a 10km race.

I will be keeping myself accountable by blogging.

So you get the lovely priveledge of reading all about it.

Aren't you glad?


Momma Bug said...


Missing you. Hope you got to take that sewing machine for a spin.

I'm off to a nap now!

Love ya

Jill said...

Looks like a good plan, Jess. I hope it works well for you.

Hey - between us we could revive the weight loss thread on Rav's Tassie Stitchers group. (I got a bit self conscious because it felt like it was becoming my quasi-blog).