Saturday, January 21, 2012

Please pray for Kaylee

She is vomiting old blood again.

Her reflux is irritating her stomach and oesophagus to the point where it bleeds a little bit.  She is on the maximum dose of the drugs she can take now, after her cardio op she can start taking a more powerful drug and/or have a surgery to attempt a fix.  Today, however, she started vomiting at 4:30am and has been vomiting on and off until now.  She is still blowing spit bubbles and is unhappy which tells me that she is still silent refluxing - but she has finally dozed off in her rocker - restless sleep though it is.  Cardio surgery is still at least 2-4 weeks away.  Please pray that she get some relief and also that she does not asparate - if she inhales some vomit and gets sick from that, it could mess with our cardio surgery plans and longer term plans to relieve her reflux


Emma said...


Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

I've always been praying for darling Kaylee and your guys but I will be praying more specifically for her in this area, Jess.

skimbly said...

She will definitely be (even more) in my prayers. :( Poor baby girl.