Saturday, November 26, 2011


This week was so.......easy.

Don't get me wrong, it was still busy.  Crazy busy.  But those two adjectives have described my life for a good few years now so there is a degree of familiarity there.  There was the odd mini-disaster.  For example the cap came off the medicine port on Kaylee's tube this morning and the pump spent a while feeding Kaylee's rocker instead of feeding Kaylee!  There were challenges.  We got Kaylee's pram this week.  I gave mine away last year because it's been years since I used it, my newborns usually just get put in a baby carrier.  The pram itself is fabulous but getting the pump hooked up and hanging the bag so it ran without alarming was a bit of a logistical challenge.  We got it going though and spent the a good couple of hours in Kmart.  There were no crises, no traumas, no disasters.   Our paed is very impressed that we have had two weeks at home without her tube being pulled out!

We are finding our groove, our rhythm, and for the most part I have been pleasantly surprised how like our old normal our new normal is.  While I am expressing I have someone or other on my knee or sitting beside me going through their school work or reading with them.  We have celery on the kitchen bench drinking food dye (our current science project - the kids have managed to make some fabulous multicoloured celery), home-made Christmas cards half finished and aside from Mount Fold-more on the couch and a disaster area that is my bedroom the house actually has some form of order to it.

And the kids are pretty fabulous.

I do some range of motion exercises with Kaylee twice a day and at least one of those times we do them in a warm bath (she loves her bath!) so when I get her ready for her bath I often talk to her about her 'aqua-aerobics'.  Today Christopher asked her if she wanted to do her 'aqua-batics'.  That kid cracks me up.

Anna sings Kaylee songs of her own composition.  My favourite has to be the 'Settle Down Song'.  It consists of two lyrics - 'settle' and 'down' sung at a very high pitch.  The thing that cracks me up the most is that it works.

We went to Kmart this week so the kids could spend some money that they got.  Billy found a toy dinosaur left on a random shelf and fell in love with it.  The thing was meant to make noise but did not so we found them on the shelf and found one that worked - no joke it sounded like an evacuation siren.  Billy opted to buy the one that DIDN'T work!  He was quite upset when we got it home and a few days later it started working again and cried until I told him I'd take out the batteries for him.

We've been learning a bit of sign language so we are familiar with it if Kaylee needs it as she grows (a lot of kids with CDLS have speech difficulties) and Andrew is already picking up a few signs the smarty pants!

Erin and I watched Bambi 2 for our girls night (her choice, not a cinematic masterpiece but we had a great night) and we bought a big bag of marshmallows.  She spent the next few days making hot chocolates for the other kids and floating her special marshmallows in them.

Kaylee has started reaching out to touch her toy Mr Flutterby and is becoming more and more interactive.  She is utterly precious.

We have had our emotional and clingy moments to but they are the exception rather tan the rule.

Having a full freezer has definitely helped (thanks Anita and Christina especially!) and having my fabulous hubby home for a time has been wonderful.  He went back yesterday to work for a day and we all missed each other lots!  I did heaps of tidying and organising before Kaylee was born and it is paying dividends now.

Things may change even from day to day but right now it is all so easy and good I can hardly believe it.


Seaweed and Raine said...

So happy/relieved/excited that the new normal is easy at the moment. It was fabulous talking to you again the other day. I have really missed that. Your post had both B and I in stitches in few patches. Sorry Billy's dino started working again. All fixable though.
S xox

Angie Tester said...

So happy for all of you, Praise the Lord he is so good.

Anonymous said...

how wonderful everything is working out so well jess...I love reading your posts(my inner sticky beak coming out) and love reading how evcerything is settling for you. no doubt there will be bumps and lumps along the way but just enjoy and wrap yourself yourself up in the "normal" You children are all marvelous. you are a very lucky girl. well done xx