Monday, October 05, 2009

Guess what we did last night?

we went on a great big BOAT!

Yes, we are officially on holidays. After adventures like eating dinner and sleeping all night on the Spirit of Tasmania 1 we arrived in Melbourne bright and early this morning. We saw FIVE hot air balloons floating over the city and it was all quite peaceful - until everyone else woke up and the two carsick prone kids suffered the inevitable side effect of stop-start city driving! Overall, it has been wonderful so far with the kids behaving beautifully on the boat, even with all of us squished into a four berth cabin (Billy and Erin top-n-tailed and Anna went in the tiny port-a-cot they provide). We are staying with friends today and I am taking advantage of their computer and kitchen (they have a PANTRY, a GAS STOVE and CUPBOARD DOORS!!).

Tomorrow we are off to the ZOO!!


Momma Bug said...

Ooooh! Cupboard doors!!
My buddy Shauna in Canada finally got cupboard doors here last Summer (I think it was). I myself have lived without them. In fact, another dear buddy of mine in Oregon still doesn't have cupboards...
It must be trendy - you're like, totally "with it" ya know?
Now tell me, can you REALLY appreciate doors on your cupboard unless you've lived WITHOUT them?
I think NOT!

Bek said...

I can't believe the cooking you did in my kitchen yesterday! Thanks!!! Hope you enjoyed the Zoo, in between hail, I guess I will find out soon when you get home again. I agree with "Momma Bug" in saying that you cannot appreciate something enough until you have been without it!

Anonymous said...

I hope that you enjoyed your day at the zoo. ☺

We just spend a few days holidaying in Tumby Bay, and it was great.