Monday, October 12, 2009

Erin's Wedding Plans

Erin: Mummy, what kind of dress will I have when I grow up and get a husband?

Me: Any dress you want honey. It will probably be a good idea to have sleeves or straps so that you aren't spending all day pulling it up like Aunty Jen had to! But whatever dress you want I will get you as long as it isn't too expensive.

Erin: Well, I think I want a dress worth SIX DOLLARS. Mummy, what kind of dress costs six dollars?

Oh I SO have to remember this for when she is planning her wedding


Momma Bug said...

You just never know what the
lord might provide for six dollars, eh?
Sh might be a real thrifty shopper when the day arrives! ;-)

Momma Bug said...

(sorry - one handed typing!)

Jess said...

Works for me!

Anonymous said...

Op-shop coming up - lol!