Thursday, November 20, 2008

You know you have a few young babies when.... get half way to church before realising that while the children are all dressed perfectly, your own top is on inside out. cut all the meat on your own plate in tiny pieces before you eat it, even when you're out for a date night with Beloved! is automatic to check that the baby/toddler has not unbuttoned your top when you get up for the last hymn. realise that you have spent more time pregnant than not in the last five years.

....breastfeeding access is a major factor in buying new clothes, you don't own a bra without an easy access flap at the front and you can latch on and feed a baby while on the phone and completing simple household chores. consider printing t-shirts with snappy come-backs to the ever present comments (e.g. better me than you? I agree!!, Yes, we do have a TV, what would you rather do?, Yes, we do know how it happens - we happen to be particularly good at it too!) once swapped your normal clothes for maternity clothes the week after you had a positive test, your normal clothes are now all maternity clothes.

....your automatic reaction to funny smells, odd noises and silence is to check what your kids are doing. have to resist the urge to tell other adults to "ask again, this time using your MANNERS" and "try using your big girl/boy words" find yourself chiding strange children on the street for their behaviour

All these are true stories too!

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susanc said...

Very funny...I can relate to them all!!

Susan :):)