Friday, November 14, 2008


I am absolutely shattered but you should see my kitchen!! Nesting + hot days + being the size of a hippo with a gland problem DOES take it out of one!

is amazingly helpful. It is awesome when I all of a sudden realise that the jobs I have given her to occupy and involve her actually ARE helpful! She is also working very hard at her school work. I do not agree with pushing kids into academics earlier than they are ready, but she is champing at the bit. Our schooling is mostly based around games, reading 'real' books and having her read her readers (she gets to stay up an extra few minutes after the boys are in bed to read to us which also give her some 'special' time, when she reads a book flawlessly to Daddy she gets a sticker or a stamp in the front) and her Math text book (I set the timer for 15 minutes after the boys are in bed for their nap and we work on a page for that time - this keeps things fresh and motivated and fits in with my timetable rather than having school consume our day and become a drag.) Every day she is champing at the bit to get into it. The fact that 'school work' is combined with special time means she sees it as a privilege, not an obligation. She has been spending hours of her own 'free time' writing in her scrapbook. The stories go on to pages and pages long using mostly invented spelling (she sometimes asks me to spell a word for her). She also spends a lot of time reading on her own or arranging the magnetic letters on the fridge into words.

was bitten by something on the calf earlier today and his whole calf swelled up. I asked him what bit him he told me it was a duck - he was bitten by a duck back in August and it made a lasting impression! When I pointed out that there were no ducks in our back yard he told me it must have been the sheep over the back fence. I think it was more likely an ant! The swelling went down after an ice pack. Billy is frustrated that he can't read and do some of the other things that Erin does and he often asks to read like her. He isn't really ready for reading yet though so I try and find other 'special' things for him to do with me. He is a brilliant 'helper' and spends a lot of time with me in the kitchen.

has slept the last two nights through thankfully. There is another tooth on the way I'm sure. I think one of the major reasons his sleeping has been disrupted is because I haven't been as 'with it' in terms of keeping together routines etc. I have found with all of the kids if I let their day sleeps get mucked up they soon start waking in the night. Christopher is the most stubborn with waking up and getting back to sleep. In the daylight hours, however, he makes up for all of it! He is the master of giving sloppy kisses and his conversation is becoming more and more like 'real' words. One of his favourite things is being pulled or pushed around by one of the older kids in the back yard. I have some fantastic photos of him on the trampoline too, I will post them one day!

The New Baby:
I am fairly sure, is head down now. I am certainly getting plenty of kicks under the ribs! This bub is the most active ever I'm sure. I am finding the heat wearing and finding clothes that fit around my ever-expanding figure without causing me to overheat is a bit of a battle. The other three were all winter/early spring babies so all my maternity gear is for cold weather. I can't believe there is only about eight or nine weeks until we get to meet bubby properly!

The home:
is slowly getting sorted out. Emphasis on SLOWLY! I reworked the kitchen today. It was deeply satisfying, but I did find it difficult to balance it with other responsibilities. It is difficult to stop once I get going and things like hanging out the washing slip by the wayside. It is going to take a bit of discipline to get that in balance!

The Garden:
continues with surprises. I found some strawberry plants growing among the grass! They have flowers on them and the blackbirds are watching them just as eagerly as I am, I'm sure!

Well, I'm still walking to the post office most days although I have had to change that to later in the evenings as it is just TOO hot in the middle of the day now. I have been eating too much junk and not moving enough though.


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