Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have managed to snaffle the lap top a fair bit lately! It's fantastic!

Is in count down mode about the new baby coming. She is also being a fantastic help, the most difficult thing is finding jobs for her. Today she cleaned the bath, vanity and shower base - it only needed a quick swipe over when she was done because she'd been so thorough. She also takes her own little basket out when I am hanging out washing and collects all the small items to hang out. I put a small hanger or two on the side of the trampoline and she fills them up.

is a bit under the weather. He caught a cold and it has settled as a bit of a cough. His behaviour has gone down hill in a big way too. Somebody explain to me WHY he feels the need to strip off and cavort around the bedroom when he should be napping!?!?!?! He is also a bit whingy. He was grumping today and I asked him a question, he replied with "hang on Mum, I is just GRIZZLING now!" I had to hide a giggle as I suggested that he just stop grizzling!! He has also come out with some other pearlers. He asked me what I was doing (a question I get a million times a day!) and I replied "What do YOU think I am doing?" He replied with wide eyes "I have NOOOOOOO idea!" (I was sitting in a chair having a drink!).

has also got Billy's cold (hard to avoid seeing as the boys are usually within two inches of each other!) and this, of course, has affected the sleep patterns. Suffice to say he was not popular last night! He has really advanced with his own version of sign language. If he wants something, he points to it then points to himself. He will sometimes point to me, point to the desired object then point to himself as if to say "YOU get THAT for ME!"

The New Baby:
is in training for the next olympics I am sure. He or she kept Beloved awake pummelling his back last night. I had the osteopath fix my back last week and I have gone from almost crying with the pain every morning to being able to put in a decent day's work! It is fantastic!

The Home:
is getting there. I have a bit of a mount washmore going at the moment because I want to wash all the baby stuff and I got behind when my back was very sore (the rain didn't help either) but with the warm weather I should be able to get back on top of it soon. I am making serious plans about getting a cleaner in, I just find it hard to part with the money! But I know it will be worth it.

The Garden:
continues to surprise us with red poppies blooming in unexpected places. The kids think that seeing as we have poppy flowers (they call Beloved's father Poppy) we should have Nanny flowers somewhere!

last week I could bairly move let alone exercise, and every day since getting my back fixed has rained except yesterday and today. It has been lovely to get back to some gentle walking.


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Hey Jess, glad to meet ya. Very cute blog! I'll go ahead and delete the link, but you have to promise to link to the right one when it publishes. I'm glad to have you linking with me!
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